Stead's Place

Planning Update – December 2020

New Planning Application Submitted

Drum (Steads Place) Ltd and CAMVO 123 Ltd has now submitted a Planning Application to the City of Edinburgh Council for the redevelopment of the 2.9-acre Stead’s Place site, near the foot of Leith Walk.

Drum’s revised proposals will replace existing industrial units with 146 high-quality apartments as part of an attractive landscaped residential scheme linking to Pilrig Park and beyond. The Planning application follows a successful six-month consultation programme for the revised plans, including two major online surveys as well as direct contact with local groups and people. Almost three-quarters of those consulted either supported or were neutral about Drum’s revised plans, with more than 80% saying that the site should now be developed.

For the latest news on the new planning application, read our news release:

Development Context

The 2.9-acre Stead’s Place site has been earmarked for development by the City of Edinburgh Council since 2008 and consists largely of an aged industrial estate and office space together with a two-storey sandstone building facing directly on to Leith Walk.

As part of the proposed redevelopment included in the planning application, the existing industrial units located directly behind Leith Walk are to be demolished and replaced with a new homes-led landscaped development linking to Pilrig Park and beyond. The sandstone building will be retained and refurbished and made available for a range of commercial uses.

To view our revised proposals from our second consultation event, click here:

To view the proposals from our first consultation event launched in July 2020, click here: